We do 80% of our learning visually.

Our trust coordinates an Irlen and Vision Screening project to identify those students who may be struggling with a visual difficulty. 


Good vision is vital to students being able to access learning.  70% of young people with a learning difficulty will have visual issues of some kind. Sometimes it is unclear whether a child has an issue or not, so we screen all students in year 4, plus any new students in other year groups in our partner schools.

Our project involves screening students for Irlen Syndrome and other visual issues, and then referring on those who need it to the optometrist and Irlen Diagnosticians.   We have two Community Irlen Screeners, Kim and Sarah who work with the schools to screen the students (see picture above).

Read about our screening process here……

Irlen Procedure

    Read about the results of the project here

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Thank you to our wonderful sponsors who made this project possible.